Tips to Make Your Move Easier:

  • If you are relocating and using a moving company, be sure to show them everything to be moved. Get a written estimate before the move and make sure your movers are properly licensed.

  • If you are moving on your own and using a rental truck, be sure to get a reservation prior to the move. Make sure you have the appropriate moving equipment such as a hand truck, rolling flatbed cart, etc. You will also need protection gear such as gloves and back supports.

  • Use new, uniformly sized boxes which will maximize space and stack more efficiently.

  • Begin with more boxes than you think you need. Most people under estimate their actual box needs.

  • Use the appropriate special purpose boxes such as dish packs and wardrobe.

  • Use small boxes for heavy items and larger ones for light things. Avoid packing fragile and heavy items together.

  • Fill each box completely to prevent collapse.

  • Use plenty of packing material to protect your possessions. Seal all boxes completely with strong packing tape.

  • Number your boxes and mark contents and/or the room on side.

  • Store only clean and dry things to prevent moth and mildew damage.

  • When storing lawn and garden equipment, drain any fluids prior to storage in order to avoid corrosive damage.

  • Cover mattresses and store them flat on level surfaces.

  • Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals).

Making the most of your Storage Space:

  • Place frequently needed items near the door to make it easier for you to get to.

  • You may want to create a diagram for where your boxes are to be placed.

  • Leave a small space between every item for ventilation.

  • Place heavy items on the bottom and light or odd-shaped items on top.

  • Pack your boxes with the labels facing out for easy visibility.